Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors provide a fantastic opportunity to increase the level of available space.  By utilising ‘dead’ space above the main floor area more effectively, businesses and homeowners can create large areas for a multitude of purposes.  From increased storage space to additional office areas, in most cases mezzanine flooring offers a much lower cost option than relocation.

In industrial settings, mezzanines may be installed (rather than built as part of the structure) in high-ceilinged spaces such as warehouses and factories. These semi-permanent structures can be free-standing, which means that they can be dismantled and relocated. Industrial mezzanine structures can be supported by structural steel columns and elements, or by racks or shelves. Depending on the span of the mezzanine, different materials may be used for the mezzanine’s deck. Some industrial mezzanines may also include enclosed, paneled office space on their upper levels.

Witheys offer an on-site survey service to determine the available options.  Recommendations are based on the available space, the specific requirements of the customer and the suitability of the area created for these requirements.  A full design, manufacture and installation service is then provided.

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