Structural Steelworks

Steel is used as the framework for many modern buildings as it provides high levels of both strength and stability.  Whether your project has already been specified or a design service is required, Witheys have the skilled workforce to produce the quality structure that will become the very core of your building project.

Construction projects require the use of many different materials and when it comes to the steel element of the building, there are also different grades of steel.  The engineers at Witheys have extensive experience and therefore have the knowledge to recommend the strength/weight specification to best suit your project.

Structural steel can be developed into nearly any shape. Lengths of steel can be bolted or welded together in order to provide additional strength and durability.  If required, our steel structures can be treated to prevent corrosion thus increasing the lifespan of the construction.

We are able to supply fabricated steel in a number of profiles (cross section ‘shapes’) to suit the individual requirements of any construction project.  We are also happy to advise architects and building planners of the most suitable options available.

Our highly-experienced team will ensure your project is fully managed on site to ensure installation is conducted safely, smoothly and in accordance with all buildings regulations.

Witheys have many years of experience producing structural steelwork for numerous building projects including factory units, warehouses, offices, retail premises, schools and many more.

Witheys are CE certified for construction steelwork.

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